Our Focus & Strategy

Comprehensive Financial and Investment Planning

The starting point in planning for pursuing your financial objectives is a customized financial plan. By organizing all the pieces of your financial life in a consolidated, easy to understand picture, we help you establish a clear picture of where you currently stand. Our next step is to help you clearly understand and quantify your financial objectives. From this point, we help you choose the most appropriate path to help you work toward your ultimate financial goals. These recommendations are focused on clearly defining your retirement goals and attempting to create a sustainable retirement income that is consistent with your investment risk tolerance. Additionally, we incorporate your legacy planning objectives into your personalized plan.

A wise man once said, “the one constant in life is change.” After your initial plan is constructed, it is important to monitor and make adjustments as your life changes. The plan implemented today is based on your current financial picture, which will not remain constant as time goes on. Ongoing monitoring of your plan will help ensure that it is updated to match your changing life and financial planning objectives. We do so through formal reviews and meetings to make sure you keep on track with your financial goals and dreams.

Wealth & Management

Our approach to investing your wealth is focused on balancing your tolerance for risk with your wealth accumulation and income distribution objectives. Our wealth management services are designed to assist you with all phases of the growth, management and distribution of your wealth-both during your life and upon your death.

Managing Your Assets
Analysis and ongoing management of your existing assets
Coordination of income tax planning with asset diversification
Monitoring of your risk tolerance as an investor as market conditions warrant

Strategies that seek Protection and Preservation of Your Assets
Insurance Analysis-including life, disability and long-term care planning
Asset Allocation Strategies

Distribution of your assets during your lifetime
Analysis of Qualified Plan Payout Options
Lifetime Gifting Strategies
Income Tax Planning to coordinate distribution of assets with other income streams in retirement

Distribution of your assets upon your death
Review of titling of assets
Tax planning for distribution of qualified assets
Utilization of tax-efficient strategies to transfer your wealth to your family

Insurance Analysis and Planning

An important part of any financial plan is paying attention to “what if” scenarios that can sidetrack the realization of your financial objectives. Our planning process is designed to identify and discuss with you the inherent risks that can jeopardize your financial plan.


No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Financial planning offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor.